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Porto Rafti

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“When you’re in Athens you have the chance to experience the hustle and bustle of the city, the Acropolis, museums and ancient ruins scattered throughout the city. Tourists tend to hop on a boat to get away from the city and escape to the relaxing islands where they can enjoy sea and sun. But what if you didn’t need to travel that far to escape the chaotic city pace of life? Porto Rafti is a beautiful coastal town that is just a short ride out of Athens. Let’s take a look at what this hidden gem has to offer.

Located just 35 kilometers southeast of Athens located in the Municipality of Markopoulo, the small coastal town of Porto Rafti rests on the Aegean Sea and is filled with attractions from beaches to vineyards that are sure to wow its visitors.

There are beautiful beaches — some more isolated than others. If you want to grab a coffee and some sweets at one of the many coffee shops and bakeries, then go off to explore or find a quiet beach, you will find it quite easy to do so. Or if you would rather go to a private beach and rent a lounge chair, there are plenty to choose from in Porto Rafti. One beach in particular, Avlaki, a blue flag beach, has made this small town become known as a seaside resort.

The town itself is filled with summer homes of Athenians, so don’t expect to find tourists lining the beaches or walking around. Think of Porto Rafti as more of your chance to experience a Greek holiday as the Greeks do!

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