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Epitaphios in Agia Marina Porto Rafti

Epitaphios usally in many Greek churches, will br carried with the entire bier, with its carved canopy attached. In communities where Byzantine Christianity is traditional, the processions may take extremely long routes through the streets, and processions from different parishes joining together in a central location. Where this is not possible, the procession goes three times around the outside of the church building. The procession is accompanied by the singing of the Trisagion, typically in a melodic form used at funerals. Those unable to attend the church service will often come out to balconies and sidewalks where the procession passes, holding lit candles and sometimes hand-held censers. In many Greek villages, the Epitaphios is also paraded in the cemetery, among the graves, as a covenant of eternal life to those who have died.

At the end of the procession, Epitaphios is brought back to the church. Sometimes, after the clergy carry Epitaphios in, they will stop just inside the entrance to the church, and hold the Epitaphios above the door, so that all who enter the church will pass under it (symbolically entering into the grave with Christ). In Greek churches, the Epitaphios is then brought directly to the sanctuary, where it remains on the Holy Table until Ascension Thursday. Where the Epitaphios remains in the centre of the church, the faithful will continue to venerate it throughout Great Saturday.

Agia Marina church's Epitaphios is a unique event, where procession is carried out through the the seaside root accompanied by several natives and locals in spring time. A must-attend holly parade on the Great Friday every year for the traditional ceremonies of the Greek Pascha.


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